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Preview of the 1999 SEAOC Convention

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Dear SEAINT List Members:

I just got done posting the "Main" Program and the "Technical" program for
the SEAOC 1999 Convention. As I was reading through the technical program,
I realized that this is probably one of the most impressive program I have
ever seen. Excellent mix of technical papers.

The schedule (Main program) is also quite impressive. Having attended some
of the past SEAOC Conventions, personally I am looking forward to this one.
It is going to be in Santa Barbara (my favorite city in California).

On our web site ( ), you can click on the Convention
link on the left side and take a look at the Main and the technical program. 

Do not forget to sign up on the HOT list by providing your Name and email
address. You will find the sign up form at the top of technical and main
program pages.

Shafat Qazi, P.E.