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Re: Shotcrete Loading

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Roger Turk wrote:
> A. Yango,
> Shotcrete = Pneumatically Placed Mortar (PPM) = Gunite (TM)
> The method where mortar (concrete) is blown against earth/forms using
> compressed air.  The mortar can be a wet mix or a dry mix where the water is
> inserted at the nozzle.  Most commonly used in construction of in-ground
> residential swimming pools and slope protection at bridge abutments.
> A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
> Tucson, Arizona
> A. Yango wrote:
> I just would like to ask what is shotcreting. We might have an equivalent
> term for that here in PI. Thanks.
NOTE: Shotcrete and gunnite are not the same.  Shotcrete is a concrete
mixture which is mixed and pumped and sprayed out the nozzle.  With
gunnite, water and cementitious materials are mixed at the nozzle. 
(...or did I get those two reversed?  Never can remember)  Anyway, both
have advantages and disadvantes and are sensitive to the experience of
the applicator.  Perhaps more for the gunnite.

Laurence B. Oeth, P.E.