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Re: Construction Observation

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In a message dated 6/27/99 0:05:05 AM EST, SONSUR2(--nospam--at)AOL.COM writes:

<< I am designing a 2 story nursing home / hospital in L. A.  my client wants 
 to give him a lump sum estimate for the construction observation and field 
 check as an engineer on record. Can somebody who has experience in this 
 give me an idea with the regard to inspection, number of trips required and 
 man hours for the engineer on record for the duration of construction.

Do not do it on a lump sum, bill your time on an hourly basis.  L.A. City 
requires the structural observation and has forms which you must fill out for 
each phase of construction which you observe. I assume that OSHPD is involved 
if this is a skilled nursing facility. 

You have no control over how the contractor is going to sequence the 
construction.  As an example, one contractor might pour the foundation on 
three different days, placing rebar only before each pour while another 
contractor might place all the foundation rebar first and you only have to 
inspect it once eventhough he pours the foundation over three days.  Same 
goes for plywood sheathing.  The contractor may request you come out to 
observe a small area so he can proceed with framing in this area which will 
prevent observation in the future.  There can be multiple trips, and each 
trip will probably take at least two hours minimum if you include travel time 
to and from the office.

I believe this topic has been discussed before, so you might want to check 
the Archives.

Michael Cochran