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Re: Shotcrete Loading

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It has been my understanding that shotcrete and Gunite are the same, except 
that Gunite is a trademarked name and shotcrete is the generic name.  Very 
similar to specifying "framing hardware" or Simpson.

Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Laurence B. Oeth wrote:

. > NOTE: Shotcrete and gunnite are not the same.  Shotcrete is a concrete
. > mixture which is mixed and pumped and sprayed out the nozzle.  With
. > gunnite, water and cementitious materials are mixed at the nozzle. 
. > (...or did I get those two reversed?  Never can remember)  Anyway, both
. > have advantages and disadvantes and are sensitive to the experience of
. > the applicator.  Perhaps more for the gunnite.