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Re: Eating $$ (Over-Runs)

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You are not alone.  There appears to be some sort of critical volume when a
"small business" needs to be a "larger business".  The chasm is daunting.  I
am a sole practitioner and when work is plentiful I agonize over bringing on
more people, however, it is hard to adjust that I have to keep on being
productive while supervising another's work (if I am to take
responsibility).  If I don't take on then my backlog gets worse.  "Don't
take more than you can chew".  Yeah, I know but I do like to help people
with their projects!!

My present opinion is to not be afraid to estimate your effort honestly and
then "educate" the Client about the directions an engineer has to take to
get even the "simplest" result.  Don't be afraid to ask for what you feel
your labor is worth.  That's not easy, but in the long run satisfies one's
sense of worth.

Thor Tandy  P.Eng  MCSCE
Victoria BC

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Subject: Eating $$ (Over-Runs)

>I work for a small sole proprietorship.  (Me, the boss, and a drafter).  We
>work on small projects combined with small consultations in the $350 range.
>I'd like to find out how others deal with, ...........