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Re: Shotcrete Loading

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Roger Turk wrote:
> It has been my understanding that shotcrete and Gunite are the same, except
> that Gunite is a trademarked name and shotcrete is the generic name.  Very
> similar to specifying "framing hardware" or Simpson.
> Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
> Tucson, Arizona
> Laurence B. Oeth wrote:
> . > NOTE: Shotcrete and gunnite are not the same.  Shotcrete is a concrete
> . > mixture which is mixed and pumped and sprayed out the nozzle.  With
> . > gunnite, water and cementitious materials are mixed at the nozzle.
> . > (...or did I get those two reversed?  Never can remember)  Anyway, both
> . > have advantages and disadvantes and are sensitive to the experience of
> . > the applicator.  Perhaps more for the gunnite.
I work off and on w/ a shotcrete/gunnite (and other concrete repair
methods) contractor.  Very competent fellow.  They did some of the rehab
work on the Seattle Kingdome several years back - exposed bars in the
roof dome which had to be chipped out and gunnited overhead.

He has lectured Oregon SE's on the difference between shotcrete and
gunnite, although my experience is that the 2 terms are used
interchangably in the profession.

Monday I'll get some info to post.

Laurence Oeth, P.E.