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Re: More questions about rigid plywood Diaphragms

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Thanks Ray, we seem to agree.
Now to carry it a step further, since there is no adequate way to evalute the 
rigidity of this type of diaphragm, would there be a liablity to the engineer 
that uses professional judgment to evaluate the condition as flexible 
inasmuch as the methodology presented in the code would not be adequate?


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RShreenan(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Dennis:
 I think that as a minimum, the plane of the gable would act as a diaphragm 
 the side walls with chord boundaries at the ridge board and eaves. The 
 rigidity would then be based on the half diaphragms on each side of  the 
 I don't believe that it should be considered a rigid diaphragm for wood 
 framed structures either way. 
 Ray Shreenan >>