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FEMA 273, 310 and ASCE/FEMA 273 needs a Section: "Limited Reliabilty."

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The following wording is recommended for inclusion in an appropriate location 
in FEMA 273,  FEMA 310 and ASCE/FEMA 273.  Without this wording, the design 
professionals will be providing "unlimited warranty" for the evaluation and 
rehabilitation of buildings following the FEMA 273 Guidelines, particularly 
for the seismic performance objective, "Immediate Occupancy."

I am challenging the ASCE/FEMA273 Project Team, FEMA 310 Project Team and the 
original authors of FEMA 273 to give  proper consideration of this 
recommendation, including the FEMA Technical Advisor, who could make it 
happen if she would agree and recommend it to the FEMA  Project Director.

"Appropriate use of the Guidelines is intended to provide greater reliability 
in evaluating and designing seismic rehabilitations for controlling seismic 
performance than is currently achieved using the NEHRP and other current 
seismic building provisions.  It is intended that, in a defined seismic 
event, most structures evaluated and designed in accordance with these 
Guidelines will meet their respective seismic performance objectives.  Due to 
the uncertainties inherent in the ground motion predictions and in seismic 
engineering, it can be expected that not all structures will meet their 
performance objective in a defined seismic event.  Considering these 
uncertainties, FEMA 273 is an attempt to improve the probability of achieving 
intended seismic performance objectives.  However, there is no guarantee that 
these performance objective will be actually achieved "  (Taken from SEAOC 
"Guidelines for Performance Based Seismic Engineering, May 1, 1999, SEAOC 
Seismology Committee Review Copy. )

Frank E. McClure     FEMCCLURE(--nospam--at)     June 27, 1999