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Re: Shotcrete at shear walls boundary elements

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ACI 506R-90 is the American Concrete Institute Guide to Shotcrete.  It 
defines gunite as a term sometimes used for dry-mix shotcrete.  

Chapter 6 includes a procedure for preconstruction testing making use of 
panels to be cut or cored to verify quality.  A separate panels should be 
made for each mixture proportion being considered, and for each shooting 
position: down, horizontal and overhead.  It recommends that the test panel 
include the same reinforcing pattern as in the structure to show whether 
sound shotcrete is obtained behind the reinforcing bars.

I have not used gunite in my current practice, but in the office of my 
previous employer (in the L.A. area), it was standard that test panes were 
required for shotcrete projects, and the test panels were broken and 
rigorously observed; typically nozzleman and nozzleman-helper crews were 
disqualified on the basis of the test panels they produced, (sometimes 
numerous crews) before a crew was able to competently produce satisfactory 

The test panels may also be cored for specimens to evaluate compression 

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer