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WIN98 Question

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I've got a general question on Windows that I am hoping someone on the list
can answer:

When I am setting up a printer on WIN98, I have the option of printing to a
file.  When this is done, WIN98 suggests giving the file the extension
".prn".  However, once I have done this, there is no association for this
file name.

I was envisioning being able to print to a file, then just dragging and
dropping said print file (*.prn) onto a printer shortcut, and having it
print the file.  However, because WIN98 doesn't associate *.prn files with
any particular action, of course nothing happens.

If I try to associate *.prn files with an action, I am required to use a
program.  But I can't figure out which program to use, if any.

The reason I am doing this is we have an HP deskjet hooked up to another
computer in my office.  Deskjets take forever to print out color plots, and
I want to be able to transfer the print files to the other computer (no LAN
in our office), so that I don't tie up my computer.

Anyone have any experience setting up and actually using a printer as "print
to file"?  HELP!

T. Eric Gillham PE
GK2 Inc.
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