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Re: WIN98 Question

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Eric -

	One of the problems associated with transfer of prn files is that some
programs format the files based on the current printer style attached to
your computer.  You'll want to load the drivers for whatever printer
you're going to and print using those drivers.  I forget how you do
that, but it's generally pretty straightforward under win95.  Usually
installing the printer drivers from the disk, and then telling windoze
that there is a new printer (using add new hardware) will do it.  I'm
intentionally avoiding win98 for as long as I can, so I'm not sure how
it deals, but the process should be similar.  

	Then, you should be able to just print to file as usual.  Another way
to do it is to download a postscript printer driver from and
install that.  Then, print to file using the postscript printer driver
(as if it were another real printer).  The generated is
totally portable and can be printed using any piece of software that is
postscript capable.  A good (freeware) example is ghostscript
(  I use it all the time and it
prints color quite well.  One caveat is that you need to make sure the
printer driver you get is color-capable, otherwise the color is lost in
the printing.  You could probably also download drivers for the HP color
laserjets (which are PS-capable) and use one of those. Not sure where on
the HP site ( you'd look, tho.

	With ghostscript installed and a color postscript file, you can
associate (well, actually ghostview will do it for you) PS files with
ghostscript and you should then be able to drag-n-drop your way to

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