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RE: WIN98 Question

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This month's issue of PC World  had an article explaining how to do that,
although it was not related specifically to WIN98.  You can access the
article at  Go to "current issue", then to "answer line".
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Sent:	Monday, June 28, 1999 4:53 PM
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Subject:	WIN98 Question

I've got a general question on Windows that I am hoping someone on the list
can answer:

When I am setting up a printer on WIN98, I have the option of printing to a
file.  When this is done, WIN98 suggests giving the file the extension
".prn".  However, once I have done this, there is no association for this
file name.

I was envisioning being able to print to a file, then just dragging and
dropping said print file (*.prn) onto a printer shortcut, and having it
print the file.  However, because WIN98 doesn't associate *.prn files with
any particular action, of course nothing happens.

If I try to associate *.prn files with an action, I am required to use a
program.  But I can't figure out which program to use, if any.

The reason I am doing this is we have an HP deskjet hooked up to another
computer in my office.  Deskjets take forever to print out color plots, and
I want to be able to transfer the print files to the other computer (no LAN
in our office), so that I don't tie up my computer.

Anyone have any experience setting up and actually using a printer as "print
to file"?  HELP!

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