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Subject:  Re: WIN98 Question
Date:  Tue, 29 Jun 1999 13:41:54 +0800
From:  "A.J.Young" <aj_young(--nospam--at)>
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M. Gillham,

        The *.prn is the default extension for the out put printing file in Win98 OS, the data structure of these files will be varified depent on the printer you've chosen.
        There are some typical languages for the communication between the computer and the printer. Most printers provided by HP use the languange PCL (Printer Communication Language), the printer drivers provided by Adobe use the PS (Post Scrip) language, PS is the industry standard language for specifying pages in press industry. There are still some possibility for yourself to indentify a kind of language for the communication betweeen the computer and priinter if you are familiar with the basement of the printer opperation.
        When you chose a HP deskjet to print to file, typically the data in the file will be PCL formatted which is not shown clearly in the extension *prn. When your chose a PS printer driver, the data in the *.prn will be PS formatted which is differently formatted than the ones in PCL. So it's unwise to associate the *.prn file to a certain application.
        To send this *.prn to a printer, first make sure the printer is chosen and set correctly in the printing dialogua box of Win98, then in the DOS window of Win98 go to the directory where your *.prn stored, type the command:
        copy yourfile.prn to LPT1            (Assuming your printer is attached in the LPT1)
        The data in the *.prn will sent to the LPT1 then the printer in the formated you've chosen, the printer can understand this data and print it out as the setting you've choosen ahead.

        You shall also understand that the files in PS or PCL formatted (or any other printer language) are normally very big, some times you cann't save these  files in a 3" disk. A simple LAN by HUB will solve your problem very cheaply. The typical market price for a net card (10M/s) is 10$, the HUB(served for 16 stations ) varified from 60$ to 200$.

        Hope this helps!

        Structural Engineer

"T. Eric Gillham PE" wrote:

I've got a general question on Windows that I am hoping someone on the list can answer: