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Concrete Foundation Design Reference

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We commonly design steel building and other foundations given the soil
capacity from a soils engineer or by assuming a conservative value.

That means 98% of my foundation design text from school does not apply to
98% of what I do at work (it's really for CE soils engineers).  The concrete
design texts I own touch on foundation design, but it's really more of an

Can someone please recommend a book that covers the practical aspects of
building foundation design taken from the structural point of view as
opposed to that of soil mechanics engineering (i.e. steps, tie-beams, issues
with existing foundations, moment footings, etc...)?

Thanks in advance...BTW, here is a used book I found on the web but have not
seen.  Any comments?
Tomlinson, M. J. Foundation Design and Construction Pitman 1970 USA 2nd