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RE: Stupid Things I've Seen - aka "checking calculations"

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William Sherman wrote:
	...I am a strong advocate of having structural calculations checked
- but it is scary when even checked calculations are wrong. 

[BC]  I have seen too many times when CALCULATIONS are "checked" as you cite
but the DESIGN is not checked.  I always ask my checkers to step back and
look at the problem at hand, making simple, gross models of what they are
checking before they do any detailed calculation "check".  In this way they
can see what ballpark they should be in and develop a basic understanding of
the problem at hand.  I have seen far more errors caught this way than by
having one engineer "review" another's calculations.  It is just too easy
for anyone (myself included) to accept an assumption once it is down on
paper without understanding its true significance. 

Bill Cain, SE
Oakland, CA