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stone veneer anchorage

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Can anyone suggest a reference for information on anchorage of 5" maximum
stone veneer. In particular I would like to talk to someone with expertise
in this type of construction and see some typical construction details. We
already have a waterproofing consultant. There is over 100 lf of 20' tall
granite stone veneer.

I am a bit confused by the wording in section 1403.6.4.2 (Volume 1 page
1-216) of the 1994 UBC. The building department is asking for No 9 wire in
the horizontal joints, even though we are using method 2, however, stone has
random joints so the wire is next to impossible to install. For this reason
we have used method 2 to anchor the veneer, but we still want to have a 1"
air space filled with miradrain panels per the w/p consultant.

Jeff Smith