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A question about UBC seismic

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Title: A question about UBC seismic

I have a quick question about the UBC seismic provisions.  I am asking this since most juristictions in Michigan use the BOCA code...therefore I am not as familiar with the UBC.

This is in reference to the 1997 UBC.  If you are in seismic zone 0 (zero), do you have to do any seismic lateral load analysis for the entire building (i.e. simplified static lateral force procedure or static lateral force procedure)?  I have read through the code and see nothing that says that no calculations are necessary, but then there is no seismic zone factor (Z) listed in table 16-I for a seismic zone of 0.  The building will be an auto plant so it should be a "standard occupancy structure" (i.e. seismic importance factor of 1.0).  I know that for the BOCA code, no lateral analysis calculations would be required for the equivalent scenario, but there are some minimal detailing requirements.

Any input would be appreciated.


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