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RE: Common versus box nails

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>The explanation was felt to be in the lesser
>beam stiffness but greater psi strength of the box nail's wire.

Forgive my ignorance with the lingo, but what is meant by "psi" strength?

>Energy absorption at high drifts was reported superior with box nails
>as well.

Intuitively, it seems that in wood, less rigid fasteners would share load
better and not tend to fail in a "zipper" effect as much as more rigid
fasteners would.  I hate to use a bolt thicker than 1/2" dia. in 2x trusses,
but others feel 3/4" are a must to reduce the number of fasteners and,
therefore, cost.  To me, installing (8) 1/2" bolts is barely more work than
installing (5) 3/4" bolts and makes much more sense.