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Re: stone veneer anchorage

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Masonry Institute has a very good pamphlet on veneer and veneer anchorage by

Paul Feather

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Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 1999 10:20 AM
Subject: stone veneer anchorage

> Can anyone suggest a reference for information on anchorage of 5" maximum
> stone veneer. In particular I would like to talk to someone with expertise
> in this type of construction and see some typical construction details. We
> already have a waterproofing consultant. There is over 100 lf of 20' tall
> granite stone veneer.
> I am a bit confused by the wording in section 1403.6.4.2 (Volume 1 page
> 1-216) of the 1994 UBC. The building department is asking for No 9 wire in
> the horizontal joints, even though we are using method 2, however, stone
> random joints so the wire is next to impossible to install. For this
> we have used method 2 to anchor the veneer, but we still want to have a 1"
> air space filled with miradrain panels per the w/p consultant.
> Thanks,
> Jeff Smith