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Re: TJI Rim Joist Vs. Cont. Blocking

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Good question, Dennis.  Actually, Enrique called me from the job site to 
explain this detail to me, how it was a standard construction detail done all 
the time, yada, yada.  It still looks mickey mouse to me  and 2-10d box nails 
aren't going to prevent rollover of the TJI's.  Besides, it's end nail 
penetration into the top and bottom TJI chords-- the worst connection you 
could have for wood  construction IMO.  I agreed to accept the Timberstrand 
rimboard only if they added an upright 2x4 adjacent to the TJI, nail through 
the TJI web and nail through the rimboard with 3-10d commons.  That ought to 
hold it.  These were roof trusses BTW.  Thanks for the tip re: the plotter