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Cutting a Glulam Beam

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I'm sure Bruce Pooley will weigh in on this as well, but you definitely DO NOT
want to cut 4.5" from the bottom of the glulam. Glulam beams are designed to
make more efficient use of the wood fibers, so the bottom laminations are
typically higher grade tension laminations to carry the higher tension forces.
By cutting out those laminations, you'll probably start to put forces into lower
grade laminations that were not intended to carry high tension forces.

You should check with AITC 303-792-9559 or APA 253-565-6600 or the glulam
manufacturer about the grades used in this particular layup. they will probably
be able to assist with a solution.


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Subject: Cutting a Glulam Beam

One of my clients wishes to install a garage door to his two car garage.
The header beam is too low and needs to be reduced in depth by about 4.5
inches. One of the solutions proposed by the client's contractor is to
remove the bottom three laminations and add a new post + pad  about
mid-span. The current Glulam beam is 21 inches deep. It works as a 16.5
inch beam for the reduced span.

Question: Is there a problem if he cuts 4.5 inches from the bottom of the