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Re: Cutting a Glulam Beam

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Could you cut the 4.5  inches  plus maybe 1/2";  route a  3/8" square trench
up the center of the bottom lamination and structural epoxy a steel cable in
place. To maintain appearance, fasten 1/2" face lumber over the steel cable.
Calc it out and you should easily be able to achieve the tension capacity of
the removed wood.

Pat Quinn
Henderson, NV

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Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 1999 10:38 PM
Subject: Cutting a Glulam Beam

> One of my clients wishes to install a garage door to his two car garage.
> The header beam is too low and needs to be reduced in depth by about 4.5
> inches. One of the solutions proposed by the client's contractor is to
> remove the bottom three laminations and add a new post + pad  about
> mid-span. The current Glulam beam is 21 inches deep. It works as a 16.5
> inch beam for the reduced span.
> Question: Is there a problem if he cuts 4.5 inches from the bottom of the
> Glulam?
> Shafat