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Re: Field Observations - Stupid things I've seen

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I am sure that this particular plumber did not have a clue. It is often true 
that a workman does not see (or want to see) the overall view of a structure, 
but rather he (or she) only sees that there is something in the way and must 
..... MUST..... get rid of it. If it is part of the structure is not of 
concern to that very short sighted worker.

Construction activities must be coordinated by a knowledgable superintendent. 
We have some, but not enough, in the field overseeing the work in the field. 
If the job superintendent was trained to think about the big picture (the 
forest rather than the trees) and had the engineering background that we as 
engineers have (or should have) then there would be less screw ups in the 

The plumber (or HVAC, or electrician, or...?) would consider the structure as 
something important, rather than his (or her) work the only thing important 
and simply ask the superintendent (or engineer) what to do we would have less 
of this type of activities with a chain saw cutting out structural members.

Unfortunately, there will probably always be the nitwit on a job that will do 
something stupid. The solution is an observant superintendent and field 
inspections by the engineer of record. The sub-contractor  should be forced 
to pay to retrofit the job to maintain the structural integrity of the 
building. Ouch! Believe me, the sub-contractor will remember that lesson.

Field check your jobs and do not hesitate to obtain proper corrections for 
any structural deficiencies. The next Northridge is just around the corner.

John Ott