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Re: Eating $$ (Over-Runs)

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Ed Fasula wrote:

"Many people have mentioned contract documents.  Does this apply to the $350
jobs you do?  I never see many of the contractors who send me prints to work
from.  I have thought of drafting up a generic contract for the on-site
visits.  I agree that a 3 minute discussion and then hoping for the best is
not wise, but a separate contract for each little job seems really
cumbersome.  Maybe another argument against the small jobs.  By the sound of
it, not many people are messing with jobs less than $1000."

I will reiterate.  Even for a $350 job, you should have a boilerplate
contract.  If the time it takes for you to identify and write in the
appropriate scope of services means you have to charge $400 so be it.  If
the $50 difference means you don't get the job, it is probably for the best.
Without a defined scope of serices you will be continually open to the type
of problems you indicated in your original post.

You don't need to see the contractor to fax a contract back and forth, and
the fact that you are not sitting down to review the work is all the more
reason to have a defined scope of services.

Paul Feather