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Re: TJI Rim Joist Vs. Cont. Blocking

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Assuming a 2x6 wall, I prefer the Microlam LVL rim since it makes for
better shear transfer as you dont have to worry about the uplift on the
blocks between the joists, just be carefull with boundary nailing the floor
sheathing into the LVL the max spacing of a 10d nail is 4" o.c
As far as rotation goes, I nail the bottom chord down into the wall top
plates with 2-10d nails ( 1.5" min to joist end ), and use a 2x4 block
between the top chords, the block in turn  is nailed to the rim joist and
the sheathing.
FYI, end nailing WILL SPLIT the chords of the I joist.
Good Luck

Tarek Mokhtar, SE
Laguna Beach, CA.