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RE: Highway Bridge Design Reference

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One really good book that the "kids" in my office seem to rave about, is
"Bridge Engineering" by Demetrios Tonias. It is written and presented in a
very entertaining, graphics-intensive style, yet conveys a surprising amount
of hard information for something that looks like it could have been
published by the "Time-Life" book series.

Oh, and I think you can relax about the possibility that you will see such a
problem on a Texas P.E. exam, unless you're taking the Structural portion.


Bill Polhemus, P.E. (Texas)

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> Subject: Highway Bridge Design Reference
> I need advise on choosing a text / reference book on highway
> bridge design.
> I will be doing problems from this book as a study guide for
> the October PE
> Exam, in the event a highway bridge problem is presented.
> It should cover the basics; lane loading, "H" loading
> patterns, influence
> lines, etc.   Thanks in advance.
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