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Bridge Design Fees

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Dear Fellow Structural Engineers:

I have an urgent need to gather information on the fees that have been paid
to engineering firms involved in "monumental", or "signature", bridge
projects.  By this, I am excluding the typical types of bridge structures
that are routinely designed by or for state DOTs.  Instead, I am interested
in the fees on long-span (more than 500 ft.) structures such as arch
bridges, cable-stayed bridges, suspension bridges, etc.  I am also
interested in bridges designed by "world class" designers.  Although I am
primarily interested in American bridges, any information on relevant
international bridges would also be useful.  My interest is not academic or
casual, I have a real and pressing business-related need for this

Most bridges are public works projects, so most of this information should
be in the public domain.

What was the fee for design, as a percentage of construction cost?

What was the fee for construction phase services as a percentage of
construction cost?

Any information that you could supply will be greatly appreciated.  If you
do not wish to post this information on the listserv, please send it to me
privately at scaldwell(--nospam--at)

Thank You!

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E., F.ASCE
Dallas, Texas
8616 Northwest Plaza Drive 
Dallas, Texas  75225 
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