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Re: TJI Rim Joist Vs. Cont. Blocking

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Thanks to all that responded. Tarek noted that the closest spacing for 
nailing to the rim joist is 10d @ 4" on center. I belive this is true of most 
TJI's as well. I encountered this problem with the TJS series open web joists 
used in a commercial project I did. Trus-Joist informed me that the you can't 
nail closer than 4" on center on the top chord. Fortunately, this worked out 
okay for the capacity I needed but alerted me to some potential problems with 
certain members in their line.
Here is how my friend handled the problem:

"Dennis.  Actually, [my Rep] called me from the job site to 
explain this detail to me, how it was a standard construction detail done all 
the time, yada, yada.  It still looks mickey mouse to me  and 2-10d box nails 
aren't going to prevent rollover of the TJI's.  Besides, it's end nail 
penetration into the top and bottom TJI chords-- the worst connection you 
could have for wood  construction IMO.  I agreed to accept the Timberstrand 
rimboard only if they added an upright 2x4 adjacent to the TJI, nail through 
the TJI web and nail through the rimboard with 3-10d commons.  That ought to 
hold it" 

I thought she handled it pretty well.

Thanks again to all who responded.

Dennis S. Wish PE

In a message dated 6/30/99 8:26:12 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
Tarek(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Dennis
 Assuming a 2x6 wall, I prefer the Microlam LVL rim since it makes for
 better shear transfer as you dont have to worry about the uplift on the
 blocks between the joists, just be carefull with boundary nailing the floor
 sheathing into the LVL the max spacing of a 10d nail is 4" o.c
 As far as rotation goes, I nail the bottom chord down into the wall top
 plates with 2-10d nails ( 1.5" min to joist end ), and use a 2x4 block
 between the top chords, the block in turn  is nailed to the rim joist and
 the sheathing.
 FYI, end nailing WILL SPLIT the chords of the I joist.
 Good Luck
 Tarek Mokhtar, SE >>