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RE: Eating $$ (Over-Runs)

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> I will reiterate.  Even for a $350 job, you should have a boilerplate
> contract.  If the time it takes for you to identify and write in the
> appropriate scope of services means you have to charge $400
> so be it.

> Without a defined scope of services you will be continually
> open to the type
> of problems you indicated in your original post.

> Paul Feather

I agree, I _should_.  There are many common practices that are not quite
what they _should_ be, however (such issues are seen as topics on this
list).  As a junior person, it's not always comfortable to mandate new
policy, especially without the experiential knowledge of the norm.  My
question really was a follow-up, if everyone _always_ sticks to that policy,
in all cases.  If that is the case, we are way-way out of line with no
"boilerplate" contract for any small jobs.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss such things with others
here.  I read the responses and I don't expect anyone to have to reiterate.