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Re: Cutting a Glulam Beam

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Seaintonln(--nospam--at) wrote:

> In a message dated 6/30/99 6:20:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time, wellive(--nospam--at)
> writes:
> What a great way to learn. Thanks Barry, I had no idea.  Does a GLB that is
> not specified to be cambered arrive at the site with the top designated?

At least in theory it should be stamped "top". This according to AITC 117-84 (wow
that's old! probably should look at updating my library) Section 9 on Markings
states: "The grade of lumber in laminations on the compression side may not be
the same as those on the tension side. Therefore, straight or slightly cambered
glued laminated timber bending members shall be stamped TOP with letters
approximately 2 inches high on the top at both ends on the member."

Barry H. Welliver
Draper, Utah