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RE: Bridge Design Fees

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This is a toughie, but in the absence of other hard data, you could probably
use the TSPE/CECoT "design curves" for this info, since these ARE set up to
consider "easy" to "difficult" projects.

You're a mover-and-shaker so probably have access to such info. But if not,
let me know and I'll fax what I have to you.


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> Subject: Bridge Design Fees
> Dear Fellow Structural Engineers:
> I have an urgent need to gather information on the fees that
> have been paid
> to engineering firms involved in "monumental", or "signature", bridge
> projects.  By this, I am excluding the typical types of
> bridge structures
> that are routinely designed by or for state DOTs.  Instead, I
> am interested
> in the fees on long-span (more than 500 ft.) structures such as arch
> bridges, cable-stayed bridges, suspension bridges, etc.  I am also
> interested in bridges designed by "world class" designers.
> Although I am
> primarily interested in American bridges, any information on relevant
> international bridges would also be useful.  My interest is
> not academic or
> casual, I have a real and pressing business-related need for this
> information!
> Most bridges are public works projects, so most of this
> information should
> be in the public domain.
> What was the fee for design, as a percentage of construction cost?
> What was the fee for construction phase services as a percentage of
> construction cost?
> Any information that you could supply will be greatly
> appreciated.  If you
> do not wish to post this information on the listserv, please
> send it to me
> privately at scaldwell(--nospam--at)
> Thank You!
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