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Re: Pendulum response

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In a message dated 7/3/99 10:39:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
Seaintonln(--nospam--at)AOL.COM writes:

<< Andy,
 The discussion of the dissatisfaction with the '97 code has been a main 
 of this list for over a year. So far, few members involved in the creation 
 these codes (any and all chapters) have chosen monitor this list and help us 
 to better understand how to address "real-world" problems. 
 We are stuck, because if we do it wrong we are liable, if we use our 
 professional judgment, we are liable, if we interpret wrong, we are 
 liable.......   >>

Dennis, I'd like to thank you again in this open forum for all that you have 
done. I know its too late for now but hopefully there will be some additional 
clarifications coming along shortly. We'll just have to be more aware of the 
2000 IBC before it's too late.

Andy Vidikan