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Re: Re. More questions about rigid plywood diaphragms

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James Bela wrote:
> The following research may be of interest to participants on this issue:
> Journal of Structural Engineering / Jan 1999, 10-18

Abstract: This paper reports the test results from a study investigating the 
influence of openings on the lateral resistance of wood-based shear walls built 
with both standard and oversize oriented strand board panels under monotonic and 
cyclic loading conditions.  Test results showed that the application of nonstandard 
oversize panels significantly improved the performance of the perforated shear 
walls compared with standard 1.2 x 2.4 m panels.  door and window openings caused 
a significant decrease in the strength and stiffness of the walls and precipitated 
a change in failure mode, especially for walls with oversize panels. Although nail 
failure modes were commonly observed in walls without openings, a combination of 
nail and panel failures were observed in shear walls with opening.  A newly pro-
posed cyclic test protocol was used that consisted of fewer but more severe dis-
placement excursions, compared with many other test protocols.  This was believed 
to better reflect typical earth-quake excitation and avoid low cycle nail fatigue 
failures, which were observed previously with long sequence cyclic test protocols.

James Bela
Oregon Earthquake Awareness