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Re: '97 UBC - R values for structures with Pendulums

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This was why I sent you the breakdown. I too have seen very few rectangular 
residential custom homes. This has been my biggest complaint on the design 
examples. They provide very basic examples and ignore the type of geometry 
that we deal with daily like "U" shaped and "V" shaped or polygonal. What 
about those strucutres where the shearwalls are set at 45degrees to one 
The problem is that the design examples are simply not practicle for 
practicing engineers who have to be creative.


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 Dennis, thanks for your reply.  However, it's been a very long time since I 
 have seen a rectangular two story residence.  Unfortunately most of my 
 architects in the Los Angeles area, are getting very 'creative' with their 
 building shapes. That's why I was hoping to see several problems covering 
 wood framed buildings, including at least one fully worked out problem of an 
 irregular shaped two story home, with calculations for the irregularities, 
 deflections, rigid/flexible diaphragm, etc., etc. Any idea when Volume II is 
 released?  Dennis thanks for all the work you've been doing. It is really 
 Andy >>