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Re: More questions about rigid plywood Diaphragms

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There is a design example of solving a plywood shearwall with an opening in 
the seminar notes from the February 1998 '97 UBC Seminar" conducted by 
SEAOSC. The example came from Ron Nelson and Doug Thompson and I would 
recommend that you contact SEAOSC (seaos(--nospam--at) for a copy of the notes or 
see if Ron Nelson can provide you with an example at no cost.

Dennis S. Wish PE

PS. We are all in the same boat as you are an probably more confused:>)

In a message dated 7/2/99 7:04:23 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
jbotch(--nospam--at) writes:

<< I hope you all have a nice independance day holidy.
 I'm going to try to ask the same question to this topic that I did last
 week, different wording maybe.  We're still all into the discussion of
 rigid plywood diaphragms vs flexible.  A little more to the point this
 PLYWOOD SHEARWALL WITH OPENINGS?  Is the reason there was no reply to my
 last message, a stupid question, maybey ignorance on my part, or are the
 rest of you in the same boat as I?  Calculating loads to shearwalls
 assuming a rigid diaphragm, is not an overwhelming task.  Most of us
 have either been given a spreadsheet to do this or we've produced our
 own.  Calculating loads to walls for flexible diaphragms is also no big
 deal.  My problem (once again) is how to determine the rigidity of a
 plywood shearwall with openings.  Maybe the rest of you design buildings
 with nice neet walls of discreet height and length.  Frankly in 15 years
 I've yet to see it.  Once again, my opinion is if you can't determine
 the wall deflection, hence its rigidity, THE ARGUMENT BETWEEN FLEXIBLE
 VS RIGID IS BOGUS.  You can't make the "rigid"  assumption of a rigid
 diaphragm and then distribute the loads by an arm-waving assumption at
 the walls.
 Come on people, tell me I'm crazy, tell me why I'm crazy, give me
 something more than unsubstantiated emotion.
 Joe Grill