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Re: Pendulum response

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The discussion of the dissatisfaction with the '97 code has been a main theme 
of this list for over a year. So far, few members involved in the creation of 
these codes (any and all chapters) have chosen monitor this list and help us 
to better understand how to address "real-world" problems. 
We are stuck, because if we do it wrong we are liable, if we use our 
professional judgment, we are liable, if we interpret wrong, we are 
As you pointed out, SEAOC presented pristine examples of the code  using 
basic rectangular structures. I asked a question on the list as to how to 
model a U shaped building. A few engineers said I had to model the entire "U" 
while others (me included) claimed that since plywood diaphragms lie 
someplace between rigid and flexible, we should be able to break it into 
blocks. In court who will win and who will lose??????

We need answers and I can not go back to my clients and tell them that I can 
not figure this out nor can I get help from SEAOC. They will quickly go 
elsewhere to the services of someone who does not care if it is right or 
wrong, but is willing to take the retainer and fight it out with the plan 

It's awfully late in the game to issue commentaries and examples. From what I 
understand, we will have to wait until August for the Examples. Having seen 
them, I'm not impressed since the wood examples are the same as those 
provided in the Feb 98 seminar by Ron Nelson and Doug Thompson.

There are some suggestions comming down the road as to a simplified approach 
- but I don't have all the facts yet. I am on top of this working with some 
engineers who are not on the list and who have been talking with John Shipp 
and Ron Gallagher. 

I have a suspicion that in the next month we will start to see some suggested 
short cuts or a new simplified approach.

The biggest questions for wood framing still remains - Is this really 

Dennis S. Wish PE