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Fee Information Sharing

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I'd like to chirp in on the fee issue.  Isn't it funny how lawyers set
Title Insurance fees by statute (at very lucrative levels), but then
don't let engineers even discuss fees?

I think we should have an on-line database of project descriptions and
fees.  If the legal profession wants to claim "price-fixing" then let
the burden of proof fall to them.  How can they prove "price fixing"
when it doesn't occur?  Even Home Depot is allowed to keep track of
competitors posted prices!

If there is disquiet about showing fees, then how about a database of
project scope descriptions along with associated professional and
technical hours expended?  This would be even more useful, since we all
have different local billing rates.  It also is even further from the
"price-fixing" claim since no dollars are discussed (would the lawyers
want to stop doctors from comparing notes on how long heart bypasses

Laurence Oeth, P.E.