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Re: Structural Engineers' eBook

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Unfortunately the attempt I have made to e-mail the example has not worked 
well unless you have MathCad Professional Version 8. I can attach the example 
to the file and you can read it on MathCad. However, without that the 
graphics, for some reason unknown to me, do not seem to make it through the 
e-mail. When I e-mail it to one of my other screen names it works perfect, 
but I have had enough complaints that the file was not received that I have 
resorted to simply using snail mail.

If you will get me an address I will forward the example to you. Sorry that 
e-mail doesn't seem to work with cut and paste. It does for me, but it sure 
doesn't for some others. Possibly it will work on AOL, but not others. I do 
not know the reason. 

John Ott