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Re: '97 UBC - R values for structures with Pendulums

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	Bill, as far as I know, on Feb 21, 1998 you (or possibly Doug 
Thompson) presented a half day seminar where a design example for a two story 
house was presented.  At that same time it was also mentioned that examples 
for the design of 14 other structures would be shortly released.  A year and 
a half later, we are still waiting.  Is there a good reason that volumes 2 
and 3 of the seismic design manuals will not be published until late August 
and October?  This is not meant to be a personal attack on you or Doug 
Thompson after all the time and valuable effort that you have devoted to the 
committee.   Rather  it is a reminder to the seismology committee that we are 
practicing engineers with small offices, designing good structures (mostly 
wood framed), and trying to make a living at it as well.  Most of us are 
still having major problems trying to figure out this complex '97 code. (Not 
the least of which are plan checkers who are also not knowlegeable in the new 

	But, before I digress too far,  I'll get back to my original point 
which is; why has it taken so long to publish what could have been a great 
design tool for most of us.  What good will it do us to have design manuals 
released (hopefully) 2-4 months after the code is already enacted?  Or does 
it have something to do with the fact that most of  the '97 UBC code authors 
have still not figured out how to present a complete set of calculations for 
a wood structure i.e.: custom two story house, 3 or 4 story apartment 
building, small commercial building, etc., due to an overly complex code that 
was enacted without forethought to its complexity  and without fully working 
out examples or design manuals for us, the practicing engineers, to refer to?