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Re: Bad news Structural Engineer ??

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"Stress filled job"  sounds like structural engineering for sure.  Maybe
that's what LRFD has on ASD ... capacity instead of stress.

Paul J. Martin, PE, SE
ADM Design Services
Decatur, IL
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Subject: RE: Bad news Structural Engineer ??

>Randy Quaid plays the part of a structural engineer with movie wife Mary
>MaCormick in "Woman Undone".  He's working on bridge repairs after So.
>California EQ.  Unfortuantely, he get's killed by his wife after he
>confronts her for having an affair shortly after taking on his new stress
>filled job.
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>Subject: Bad news Structural Engineer ??
>Attention Fellow Structural Engineers  and others:
>Over the past ten years as publicist for SEAOI  I have monitored the
>visibilty woes of engineers.  I have noted the lack of  engineering
>characters in feature motion pictures.
>Name an actor, or movie featuring an engineer in a lead role.
>Seldom if ever are engineers cast as central characters.
>Next week  (Friday,  July 9th) a new movie, "ARLINGTON ROAD" opens.
>The key character portrayed by Tim Robbins (Shawkshank Redemption,
>Proxy, Bull Durham)  identifies himself as a STRUCTURAL ENGINEER.
>Is HE???  We'll have to wait and see.
>This suspense drama features terrorist's acts of buildings being blown up.
>Is the structural engineer doing it???
>Bob  Johnson,  SE
>Public Advocacy Committee  NCSEA
>203   North   Wabash
>Chicago,  IL   60601