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Fear of Snakebite

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I could not find a "Cupid" virus listed on Symantec's virus list 
( and click on "More virus information"), but it 
doesn't mean that it isn't a virus.

Why don't you e-mail the person who sent it and ask him/her what the 
attachment is, what it does, and why did they send it without it being 
requested?  Other than that, wait a few days to a week and check Symantec's 
site again and keep an eye on the newspapers.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Fountain Conner wrote:

>>I just got an e-mail from a well-meaning, but computer illiterate friend.

The attachment is "cupid41.exe".

It scanned "clean", but these things come out so fast, I'm not very

Has anyone out there had any bad (or good) experiences with this one?  If
it's a virus, or worm, or whatever, I don't need a dose of it.  <<