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Re: Bruce Resnick's Question

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Thanks Mike, I stand corrected. 

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<< Dennis:
 While I don't use the 1997 UBC Simplified Static procedure, I would 
 suggest that it is applicable to a wider variety of conditions than 
 you suggested.  You said:
 > It is my understanding that the Simplified approach referenced in 1629.8.2 
 > only valid in structures without irregularities - basically, 
 > framed structures that don't really need to be engineered (a dicotomy?). 
 However, Section 1629.8.2 clearly states that the procedure may be 
 used for any structure of Occupancy Category 4 or 5 that is either 
 (1) not more than three stories in height, using light-frame 
 construction, or (2) not more than two stories in height.
 My reading is:
 There are no restrictions with respect to regularity, ground shaking 
 hazard, or application of the Section 2320 "conventional" provisions. 
 For buildings of standard or miscellaneous occupancy (Table 16-K), 
 three story structures satisfying either item 1.1 or 2.2 in Table 
 16-N or shorter structures (one or two story) using ANY system in 
 Table 16-N may be designed using the (conservative) simplified static 
 procedure outlined in Section 1630.2.3.