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Re: Structural Engineers' eBook

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I applaud you for your contribution. I have not checked if for accuracy, but 
I am so happy to see other engineers who are willing to create useful tools 
and contribute them for others to use. 
You have helped me make up my mind about a new large spreadsheet that I am 
currently working on which designes a multi-story residential structure. It 
follows the basic method described in the SEAOSC Seminar Note from the Feb. 
1998  "1997 UBC Wood Provisions" and includes:
1. Developing Design Loads
2. Check Building for Convenional Construction 
3. Calculates Base Shear and Story Forces based on wind and seismic
4. Determines Diaphragm Deflections and Check if they are "Flexible or Rigid"
5. Calculate Forces to Shearwalls based on Flexible Diaphragm
Calculate Forces to shearwalls based upon Rigid Diaphragm.
6. Calculate wind load forces to Shearwalls based upon both Flexible and 
Rigid Diaphragms.
7. Compare results and assign worst case conditions
9. Design Wall Frames (plywood shearwalls with openings)
10. Generate shearwall schedule
11. Generate shearwall sketchs
12. Design for wall uplift.
and more. 

I have decided to donate this to the SEAINT List when it is ready. It will be 
written for Excel '97. 
I'm sure that this is no competition for anyone who wants to create and 
market such a program for their profit and I'm sure that most can do it 
better than I but I am happy to allow what I have created to be available 
free to anyone who wants it.

No promises as to when it will be ready, but I have started it and am 
currently working on it as I design a project due in a few weeks. I am 
writting the spreadsheet as I am working on this project so I expect the 
software to be ready for trial use by the time the project is due in a few 

If anyone is interested on working on parts of the spreadsheet with me, I 
will be more than thankful for the assistances. Some months ago I uploaded a 
single story residential design spreadsheet to the Website and offered it 
free. It is purely flexible design, but I have taken some of what was in 
there. It is still on the Website and anyone interested in obtaining it can 
do so at 

I think that we can at least make the design process easier on most of us if 
we band together to create a useful tools. I still have my strong convictions 
that the code should not apply in many area's but will be happy to generate 
the tools of compliance until such time as the code can be changed.

Rudra, thanks again for your unselfish contribution. 

Dennis Wish PE

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<< I am compiling an eBook for Structural Engineers. The idea is to let
 Engineers perform their design office tasks by filling out simple forms
 over the Internet. The first such form is available at:
 Your comments and contributions are welcome.
 Rudra Nevatia >>