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RE: Structural Engineers' eBook

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Rudra - I like your concept.  These simple forms can be very helpful to a
busy engineer.  We have written some simple spreadsheets for design items
such as a simple stud bearing wall with lateral load,  masonry wall with
lateral load, etc.  Design programs for tasks like this would be great.

Just a few days ago I was looking for a simple pile cap design program for
low capacity piles, like 10 tons.  I could not like any reasonably priced
software to do my simple task.  If your forms were available I would have
used it.

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		Subject:	Structural Engineers' eBook

		I am compiling an eBook for Structural Engineers. The idea
is to let
		Engineers perform their design office tasks by filling out
simple forms
		over the Internet. The first such form is available at:

		Your comments and contributions are welcome.

		Rudra Nevatia

		PS: IE messes up some of the graphics. Obliged if someone
can suggest a
		work around.