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Re: Engineers LOW PROFILE

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In Canada we are urged to add "P.Eng" wherever possible to our interactions
with and outside the circle of our peers.

Thor Tandy  P.Eng  MCSCE
Victoria BC

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Date: Monday, July 05, 1999 6:59 AM
Subject: Re: Engineers LOW PROFILE

>As an immigrant to this Country,  I feel that engineers are not as
>prestigious as lawyers and doctors.  In my country, lawyers and doctors are
>just a notch higher in social status than engineers.  But in this Country,
>my impression is that engineers are way below than lawyers and doctors.
>Lawyers and doctors are addressed as Attorney and Doctor respectively while
>engineers is simply Mister, like an ordinary older person.  In our country,
>an engineer is addressed as Engineer, not Mister.  This indicate your
>socially or professionally.  In this country,  they don't even know what is
>P.E. at the end of a registered engineer.  I have been asked so many times
>people who have been here troughout their lives and people who are in the
>construction industry.
>If we address each other and insinuate relatives, friends, acquaintances,
>clients, etc. to address us Engineer then at least we will eventually be
>recognized slowly but surely in the future.
>How about starting it now!
>Engr. Alfonso S. Quilala Jr.
>(Instead of Alfonso S. Quilala Jr., P.E.)