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Fw: "Structure" Magazine Update to Include CASE and SEI

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From: jshipp <jshipp(--nospam--at)>
To: seaint(--nospam--at) <seaint(--nospam--at)>
Date: Sunday, June 20, 1999 11:53 AM
Subject: "Structure" Magazine

>There has been recent discussion on this list server about the need for a
>magazine for structural engineers.  "Structure" is the magazine published
>the National Council of Structural Engineering Association (NCSEA) for
>engineers who practice structural engineering.  This magazine is not only
>excellent/outstanding publication that addresses pertinent items of
>to the structural engineering profession but it is FREE to members of
>Members of NCSEA include all members of State Structural Engineering
>Associations (i.e.,  SEAOC, SEAOH, SEAOA - - - ).
As a matter of interest, the mailing of the magazine requires merging the
membership mailing list.  In round numbers, NCSEA and CASE have 10,000 names
in their combined list and SEI has 12,000 names, for a total of 22,000
names. >If you are not currently receiving your copy, you need to do one or
more of
>the following:
>1.    Check with your State Structural Engineering Association (SEA), CASE
or SEI  to make
>sure you are a member and that they have your correct/current address on
>file.  Join if not currently a member.
>2.    Verify/require that your State SEA is a member of NCSEA and that they
>have forwarded their mailing list/database of members to NCSEA.
>3.    If your State does not have an SEA then call NCSEA for information on
>how to form/start a State SEA.  An alternate short term solution would be
>join the closest out-of-state SEA.
>4.    As a last resort, "Structure" magazine is also available for
>non-members (non-member subscription rate is approximately $30/year)
>5.    For additional information, please contact:
>        Jeanne Vogelzang
>        NCSEA Executive Director
>        203 North Wabash Ave., Ste. 1000
>        Chicago, IL  6060l
>        Phone:  312/372-8035
>        Fax:       312/372-5673
>        Email:    execdir(--nospam--at)
>John G. Shipp
>Director NCSEA