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Title: RE: Engineers LOW PROFILE

The use of the professional title seems awfully 19th century European to me.  My ancestors came here (Canada) from "the old country" to get away from a society with a class structure.

Personally, I prefer to be called "Paul" or even better, "Isaac's Dad" because that's what I think of myself as.  Engineering is what I do, not who I am. 

Adding P.Eng.  or  P.E. has a little effect compared to using Engr. at the
beginning of your name.  This will encourage people to address you Engineer
just like the Attorneys and Doctors.

Here in the U.S.,  being a P.E. is not a big deal.  In my old country, once
you are licensed, everybody will address or call you Engineer (Your Last
Name). This will make you feel more important than the ordinary profession. 
This way, an engineer will be at the same status level as that of an Attorney
or a Doctor.

If every engineer will promote this line of thinking then each individual
engineer will be recognized and in as a whole engineering community, the
public will be made aware of our importance and status.

Engr. Alfonso S. Quilala Jr.