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Re: Engineers LOW PROFILE

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Then I think,  If people are satisfied of being called their name then 
engineers should stop complaining about why attorneys and doctors are paid 
more, and are more recognized, and have better social status.  

But stop cheating yourself that you don't want recognition!  And you are 
dreaming if you think that the modern society has no class structure.  It 
does but has only change in its form.  Money and power is still the common 
denaminator of each social structure.  If  you want to approximate classless 
society then adopt communism.

And by the way,  I'm suggesting an engineer to be called Engineer if he is 
registered or licensed, not if he is just doing engineering work.  He has to 
earned it by passing licensure examination.

Engr. Alfonso S. Quilala Jr.

(instead of Alfonso S. Quilala Jr. P.E.