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Re: Engineers LOW PROFILE

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>I would rather be known by the caliber of work that I do, than by the badge 
>that I wear.

Right on!

Engineers may not have the 'profile' and title before their names of
doctors or lawyers, however neither do they have the negative connotations
that doctors and lawyers carry. "Slimy lawyer" is a stereotype that is well
recognized, "slimy engineer" does not exist in the popular consciousness.
Doctors who put themselves and their incomes ahead of patient care is
considered a serious problem (rightly or wrongly), whereas engineers, as a
group, are not associated *by the public* with unprofessional activity. I
would humbly suggest giving up on the idea of a 'title', and continuing
doing whatever it is that leads the public to believe you represent an
honourable, though low profile, profession. A good reputation is worth
inestimably more than any 'title'.

Maura Gatensby Architect
Vancouver, Canada