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Re: Engineers LOW PROFILE

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In response to Maura's, I also would prefer to be known by ability and good

Alfonso does have a point, however, in that it could be helpful at
introduction time to know what "status" or "location"(better word anyone?)
in life the stranger before one has.  This is critical, for example, in
Japan where knowing the other's status at the time of introduction
determines the appropriate language and level of familiarity acceptable in
the ensuing conversation(s).

The US constitution has it written that "no person shall use, or be given,
any title of nobility whatsoever".  Therefore such as "Your Honor" etc are
constitutionally outlawed are they not?  "Judge", "Doctor", "Architect",
"Engineer" and so on, are not, as far as I understand it, titles of nobility
in this sense.  They should be considered more a succinct description of a
person's assumable measure of success and competence.  Recognition of one's
standing does not always mean pompous arrogance.

I am sometimes the brunt of the usual ranting that contractors/developers
occasionally give to engineers, and at those times I wonder if I deserve it
or whether in fact the individual is grossly ignorant of the sincerity to
contribute to the design and construction effort.  Then I would wish that
engineers did get the docility afforded to the other professions.  We are
often treated as trades, yet are also expected to take on signatory
responsibility not found in other professions.  That alone deserves a
respect not accorded other professions or careers.

As for "slimy"'s hard to be slimy with numbers or engineering
judgement...there are of course "unethical" engineers are there not?

Thor Tandy  P.Eng  MCSCE
Victoria BC

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Date: Monday, July 05, 1999 10:15 PM
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>>I would rather be known by the caliber of work that I do, than by the
>>that I wear.
>Right on!
>Engineers may not have the 'profile' and title before their names of
>doctors or lawyers, however neither do they have the negative connotations
>that doctors and lawyers carry. "Slimy lawyer" is a stereotype that is well
>recognized, "slimy engineer" does not exist in the popular consciousness.
>Doctors who put themselves and their incomes ahead of patient care is
>considered a serious problem (rightly or wrongly), whereas engineers, as a
>group, are not associated *by the public* with unprofessional activity. I
>would humbly suggest giving up on the idea of a 'title', and continuing
>doing whatever it is that leads the public to believe you represent an
>honourable, though low profile, profession. A good reputation is worth
>inestimably more than any 'title'.
>Maura Gatensby Architect
>Vancouver, Canada